Follow the step by step of the best moments heading to WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017. Revive our emotions with each medal, our intense training days, each experience. Lives the day to day competition; follows our evolution, results and achievements.

SENA in WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017

Meet the 24 SENA trainees who participated in WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017, the biggest technical and technological skills competition around the world, facing the best competitors of 77 nationalities in 19 skills.

Skill: Cooking / Culinary Arts

"I expect to be a good contestant in the name of Colombia, and show what we are made of in Abu Dhabi 2017": María Fernanda Londoño, competitor of the Cooking/Culinary Arts skill.

Skill: Refrigeration and air conditioning

"For me, belonging to the WorldSkills Family means the opportunity to make Colombia proud”. Andrés Felipe Arias Gómez, competitor of the ability of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

Skill: IT Software Solutions For Business

"Being part of Colombia’s Team is an honor. I hope to bring the gold medal, "Cristian Jair Rojas Velandia, a competitor of IT Solutions Business Software.

Skill: Landscape gardening

“Being part of the Colombia WS Team makes me very proud because it is the opportunity to measure ourselves internationally. We want to make Colombia and SENA Proud", Melvis Morales and Daniel Orlás, competitors of Landscape Gardening.

Skill: Carpentry

"Being able to get up and say: “I represent Colombia” is something big for me. For WorldSkills I hope tobe a good role mdoel for my country, learn, interact with other cultures and open doors for me future abroad ", Jhonny Andrés Grajales Rivera, competitor of Carpentry.

Colombia’s team sena in preparation for worldskills international 2017

Get to know what the WorldSkills experience means in the personal and professional environment of our participants and how Santa Marta was the perfect setting to strengthen the affective bonds of our team. Discover how was the training, in which they strengthened soft skills such as teamwork, assertive communication and leadership.

Colombia selection worldskills strengthens for competition and life skills

Three months after starting the most important international technical and technological competition in the world, our competitors and SENA experts, who make up Colombia’s team, met in Bogotá to receive the latest training, fine-tuning details and assessing their physical and psychological state.

Giovanni sánchez, second place in tournament of mechanical design engineering in China

Get to know the experience of Giovanny Sánchez, our competitor of Mechanical Design Engineering (CAD), after finishing second in Nanjing, China, where he had the opportunity to face opponents from countries like Russia. Without a doubt the training and international blaze of our Colombia Team will be crucial in the conquest of gold medals.

Gold and Silver medals for SENA in WorldSkills Internacional Competition in China

Knows the experience of Giovanni Sanchez, our competitor of Mechanical Engineering Design skill, CAD, after occupying the second place in Nanjing, China, where he had the opportunity to face opponents from countries like Rusia. Without a doubts the training and international blitz of our Colombian Team will be crucial in the conquest of the gold medals.