Know the latest news of our Colombian Team on the way to Worldskills Abu Dhabi 2017. Live with them every minute of their preparation, their physical, technical and psychological training process before the competition, and their evolution and achievements during the days of world tournament in October.

Selección Colombia WorldSkills, lista para ganar en Emiratos Árabes

La mayor competencia de habilidades técnicas y tecnológicas del planeta, WorldSkills, tendrá lugar en Abu Dhabi del 15 al 18 de octubre. El SENA participará en representación de Colombia con 24 competidores...


This is how our team Colombia is preparing to WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017

Countdown begins heading to WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017, and three months before starting the competition, trainees refine the last...


Gold and silver medals for SENA in WorldSkills international competitions in China

Mechatronics and Web Design were the medals Colombia’s selection got in this world competition in the Asian giant.


SENA Colombia's team of trainees continues its preparation to International WorldSkills 2017

María Andrea Nieto, SENA Head (Chief Executive), led the ceremony to deliver flags to the WorldSkills...


SENA gets ready for the huge challenge World Skills International in Rusia, Italy, United States, China and Brasil

Trainees and their SENA´ s experts have traveled the planet to perfect their cook skills, robotic skills and software solutions to face this global contest.


WorldSkills team Colombia with presence in Future Skills Rusia

The two SENA´s experts who traveled to St. Petersburg (Rusia) met with academics and homologous specialists from countries such as Brasil and China. They are specialists in areas of network interconnection...